Tethys Bottling Plant: Anacortes Proposes UGA Expansion – Part 4

by Tom Glade Sunday, August 19, 2012 10:54 PM
This post is the fourth installment of a series on the City of Anacortes’s problematic application to expand its urban growth area (UGA). This post touches on the enormous size of a 5 million-gallon-a-day (MGD) bottling facility, the economic impacts and transportation nightmares resulting from a development on this scale. Comprehending the Scale of Bottling 5 Million Gallons of Water In his September 2010 e-mail to Phil Bastien, a Tethys Enterprises, Steve Winter, another Tethys Enterprises principal, Mr. Bastien conveyed his concerns regarding the Anacortes/Tethys Water Service Agreement’s requirement that ” The water is treated and packaged on the Property in units or containers of a size no greater than ten (10) gallons.” In his e-mail, Mr. Bastien, in an effort to illustrate the scale, writes (emphasis added), Once again the scope of what is required to use 5 MGD is not understood by those who think up the possible loopholes to restrictions on container size when proposing packaging restrictions. To use 10 gallon bags and consume the 5 MGD of water we have available, it would require 500,000 bags per day. That's 20,833 bags per hour or 347 bags per minute or 6 per second assuming a 24 hour day with no breaks. You can't do that with a garden hose or even a fire hose and a couple of guys. It would require a specialized high speed line that doesn't exist and specialized material handling equipment to manage basically body bags of water weighing 80 pounds. No standard pallet or other transport system could be used so special containers would have to be created at hug cost and be returnable to be practical. It would take over 670 rail cars every day on 7 miles of track to ship the 40 million pounds of water in 10 gallon bags. That means you would need over a weeks' worth of shipping packages in stock, stored in a monstrous warehouse or on 4,700 rail cards in a yard requiring 47 miles of track. Then, on the other end, they would have to figure out how to manage 500,000 eighty pound bags of water and return the containers within a few days. More...

Tethys Bottling Plant: Anacortes Proposes UGA Expansion - Part 3

by Tom Glade Thursday, August 16, 2012 5:32 PM
This post is the third installment of a series on the City of Anacortes’s problematic application to expand its urban growth area (UGA).  This e-mail continues the illustration of the significant disparity between the proposed UGA site and the site that the bottling plant actually requires. Finding a Site for the Tethys Bottling Plant On July 31, the City of Anacortes submitted an application (the Application) to amend the Skagit County comprehensive plan to change the Anacortes urban growth area boundary.  In the application, the City proposes an amendment to the Anacortes Comprehensive Plan that would add 11.15 acres to the Anacortes UGA (see map below).  As proposed, this rezoned land would serve as the site for the Tethys bottling plant facility (Tethys has a contract with the City for 5 million gallons of water a day (mgd) from the Skagit River.) More...

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