To: Evergreen Islands
From: Mark Sinden

All four bridge and ferry alternatives were deemed "not feasible" by the Technical Advisory Committee working on the North Whidbey study, due mostly to environmental and social concerns. The purpose of the public meetings is to convey these findings to the public and explain the process we used to arrive at these conclusions. After this, the executive summary, along with any public comments received, will be sent to the Island County Policy Committee for their consideration. They will be the body who ultimately decides if any further study will be undertaken.

WSDOT and Island County are also working on a Regional Transportation Plan update. Part of the update examines using transportation demand management (TDM) measures as a means of reducing congestion. TDM measures include encouraging ridesharing and flexible work hours, providing incentives to ride transit, and in the case of the Island County plan, "bus rapid transit".

Please feel free to e-mail or call me should you have any more concerns!

Mark Sinden
WSDOT NW Region Community Planner