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April 10, 2002


Tom Glade, Vice President

Evergreen Islands

P.O. Box 381

Anacortes, WA 98221


Dear Mr. Glade:


I received a copy of your email concerning the potential impacts to the heronry on March Point near Anacortes. You are concerned that the construction of a wind turbine manufacturing plant may adversely affect an active heronry.


Unfortunately, the heronry is not specifically protected by law. The active nests are protected from destruction during the nesting season, but there is currently little protection for the heronry under state law. We will be working with the developer to encourage a voluntary implementation of timing restrictions on construction and operations that are at least close to those guidelines established in the Priority Habitat and Species recommendation for Great Blue Herons.


You had asked if there are other avenues to protect these birds and their habitat. Working with your local government agencies, both City and County, to develop critical areas ordinances, great blue heron management plans, or other land use options available to local government that would be more protective of the herons and their habitat is one option to pursue. Local government has a considerable amount of control and influence over development activities that impact fish and wildlife resources. It is very important to work with you local representatives to affect local activities.


Another option would be to work with your local Representative and Senator at the state level and congressional level to recognize the value of such a resource and to improve their protection under federal and state laws and regulations.


This rookery so close to the City of Anacortes provides a great opportunity for public education, wildlife viewing, and other community values. Nesting colonies such as these are a scarce resource, and a valuable asset to the local community as well as to the county and the state.


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. If you have any more questions, please contact Mike Davison (360-466-4345, x 280). It is the interest of people like yourself that will help to conserve and protect the wildlife resources that we enjoy today.




Deborah Cornett

Regional Habitat Program Manager