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March Point Heronry

To shed light on the size and success of this heronry, there are over 800 adults plus another 1000 young (based on 2.5 young per nest, however they lay four-five eggs and can raise that many young).  In other words, the heronry has 1800 or more birds in the heronry during the breeding season. In 1997, 296 nests were counted; in 2001, there were 426 nests counted; - approximately 44 percent growth in 4 years.  Calling this colony one of the largest in North America is no stretch of the imagination...most other large colonies peak around 200 nests.

"Herons Can't Endure Much More Noise"

Voices of the Valley, Skagit Valley Herald

"Factory's plan challenged because of nearby bird sanctuary"

Craig Welch, The Seattle Times

"T Bailey's Noise Is a Threat to Our Heronry"

Bud and Vera Kinney donated the heronry to our grandchildren, to our children, and to us

Newspaper Articles and Letters to the Editor

T. Bailey has been in the news a lot!

Public Comment Letters on the Port of Anacortes's MDNS

1000 Friends of Washington, Craners, Evergreen Island, People for Puget Sound, Skagit Audubon Society, Skagit Land Trust

Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance

MDNS Supporting Documents

Department of Fish & Wildlife Letter

Response Letter From Deborah Cornett, Regional Habitat Program Mgr.

Great Blue Heron - A Washington Priority Species

Department of Fish and Wildlife Management Recommendations

EI Comment Letter - March 21, 2002

Evergreen Islands Letter Requesting a Determination of Significance

Heronry Impacts

Articles Regarding Human Impacts on Heronries


Topo Map Showing Location of Proposed Development

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