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South Fidalgo Island

The Skagit County planning department has proposed a "new" study on South Fidalgo Island with focus on two realms: (1) identify areas for further urban development and (2) look at rural areas where the housing density should be increased. The City studied these possibilities in 1997, surveyed the residents and the economic feasibility regarding services to the areas. The proposals were determined to be undesirable and unfeasible and the County agreed to drop the idea. Now, spurned by hopeful developers, the idea is back, less than two years later.

The purpose of the Fidalgo Subarea plan is to rezone rural Fidalgo Island for higher housing densities. When first introduced, the stated purpose of the Fidalgo Subarea Plan was to rezone the entire island Rural Intermediate which is 1 home per 2.5 acres. Time and again the Growth Hearings Boards have ruled that 1 home per 2.5 acres is not rural and that such densities represent urban sprawl.

After a groundswell of public opposition, the final statement of the proposal was changed to, “The Fidalgo Island Community Plan shall also consider previous land use studies and reports in determining whether additional rural density is appropriate to minimize large-lot sprawl and to create more logical boundaries incorporating the existing RI designations.” Compare this with the purpose of the Guemes Island subarea plan - “The community plan for Guemes Island shall address rural commercial uses and locations, sole-source aquifer issues, shoreline environs, ferry service, open space and natural resource lands, and provisions for maintaining rural character and lifestyles.”

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re: Proposed Chapter 14.28 (Concurrency), Chapter 14.32 (Drainage), 14.16.170 (Rural Marine Industry), and 14.16.710 (Accessory Dwelling Units)
City, county at odds over rural density - AA - 12/01/1999
Although Skagit County planners admit only a "small minority" of south Fidalgo Island property owners want another chance to increase the rural density south of Anacortes, city officials say they are alarmed that an issue they thought had been put to rest has been raised once again.
Letter from City of Anacortes to Skagit County - 11/29/1999
re: CP proposal to increase density on South Fidalgo Island
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