As a result of our outreach campaign, the wording of the Fidalgo Study Area Amendment has been significantly improved. The expansion of the Anacortes UGA has been dropped, and language protecting the rural lifestyle and quality of life have been added. However the intent of the study is still to increase rural density beyond what was established in 1997.

The new language is as follows:

(c) Fidalgo Island. The community plan for Fidalgo Island shall include the following: consideration of the potential need for future expansion of the Anacortes UGA, and, if so, shall ensure that rural development outside the current UGA is designed in a manner that will preserve options for future urban expansion, if necessary.; provisions for maintaining the existing rural character and lifestyles of the island; an assessment of the natural and built environment such as, but not limited to: shoreline environs, geologically hazardous areas, drainage, marine and upland water quality, suitability of soils and geology for development, fish and wildlife habitat, open space areas/corridors, transportation networks, and availability and cost of public facilities and services. The Fidalgo Island Community Plan shall also consider previous land use studies and reports in determining evaluate whether additional rural density is appropriate to minimize large-lot sprawl and to create more logical boundaries incorporating the existing RI designations.