7:00 PM, Tuesday February 29

Anacortes City Council Chambers

In the latest changes to its comprehensive plan,

Skagit County has identified Fidalgo Island as a study area for more intensive rural development.  In the latest county documents, the County states:


“Given the existing developing pattern and the wisdom of the County looking beyond the initial 20-year planning period for urban growth, the County has determined that the entire Fidalgo Island should be the subject of a community planning effort to evaluate the potential for additional areas of more intensive rural development or the need to take extra precautions to preserve portions of this area for future urban growth.”

If it is established, the Study Area will:

·        Set an unstoppable rezoning process into motion.

·        Consider rezoning 1000 acres in the Whistle Lake and the Delmar/Havekost areas from one house per 2 ½ acres to one house per ¼ acre.

·        Consider rezoning rural Fidalgo Island from one house per 10 acres to one house per 1 acre.


The potential impacts are:

·        A rezone could mean an increase of 12,000 new rural residents above the 6,000 rural residents called for by the current growth plan established in 1997.  Our rural population could double as a result of this new study.

·        The delicate balance of rural living and suburban/town amenities established by the 1997 plan would be destroyed.  MILLIONS of tax dollars would be required for sewer systems, water systems, roads, police, fire departments, schools …


You can help by:

·        Writing and calling the county commissioners Ted Anderson, Harry Wolden, and especially Bob Hart.  Tell them that you do not want this study to take place, and to keep the 1997 plan in place.

Phone: (360) 336-9300        E-mail: commish@co.skagit.wa.us

FAX:   (360) 336-9307

Address:           Skagit County Board of Commissioners

                        Skagit County Administration Building

                        700 S. Second St, Room 202, Mount Vernon 98273

·        Writing to the Anacortes American and the Skagit Valley Herald (letters to the Herald are limited to 250 words.)

·        Tell at least ten friends about your concerns, and ask them to write and call too.

·        Attend the Rally to Save Rural Fidalgo Island

7:00 PM, Tuesday, Feb. 29 at the Anacortes City Council Chambers.


Together we can protect the island we love.