Examiner disregards rights and permits


Skagit Valley Herald   02/02/01


Did you ever wonder why we have a courthouse and county buildings filled with staff and agencies to go over every permit application with a fine-tooth comb? Not a stone is left unturned when a property owner like Mr. Ken Wolcoski applies for a permit to change use or do a project on his land. By the time each agency finishes their review and often re-review, the project may not even resemble the original plan. To be certain, if now permitted, it will cost much more than originally planned.


Sometimes years after the application, the permit is finally issued. With Hearing Examiner Wick Dufford, there is no assurance that the collective wisdom of the county staff and the newly issued permit mean anything. This one man “Growth Management Hearings Board” shows total disregard for an individual’s property rights or the value of a county-issued permit. He blatantly sides with any and every anti-growth and anti-property rights group that appeal permits.


How often is the Board of County Commissioners going to let this happen? Remember your campaign pledges to honor the rights of property owners. If this man is allowed to continue overruling county process, our economy will suffer, property values will drop and banks will be unwilling to loan on projects.


It’s time to replace Wick Dufford. We need an honest and reliable hearing examiner who will respect private property rights and who will rule fairly.


Jim Youngsman
Mount Vernon