Twin Bridges a much-needed facility

Skagit Valley Herald 02/12/01

Who is Tom Glade? Is he opposed to all marinas, or just the Twin Bridges marina? Is it possible that he’s tied in to Cap Sante Marina, the proposed Swinomish Marina (almost adjacent to TWB), the Ship Harbor proposed marina, or is he just another obstructionist in a county that has too many “friends of the field mice” in our midst?

Twin Bridges will provide much-needed dry boat storage for those of us who are tired of trailering our boats to saltwater for recreation or whatever. Youngsman has jumped through hoops that the environmentalist nuts have continued to put in front of him and has succeeded so far.

As I understand it, the City of Anacortes has backed off in their lawsuit against TBM. A strange suit, since the area is not within the city limits but is in the county. Was the pipeline the problem, or competition?

I am beginning to have pure contempt for the obstructionist nuts that quote phony science, or vocal minorities, who generally don’t have a pot or a window, in their ability to shut down any project that might improve the area for recreation or tourism or, God forbid, jobs in Skagit County!

Jack R. Mears