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1. Why did the City Council negotiate the Tethys Water Service Agreement in secret?

2. Why did the Mayor submit the initial urban growth area application to Skagit County without City Council review and approval?

3. Why did the City submit the revised urban growth area application to Skagit County without City Council review and approval?

4. Why did the City propose a “zoning swap” for Samish land without a written agreement from the Samish?

5. Why has the City stifled public participation at every step in the process?


  1. Why was no public hearing held for the 2011 Anacortes Water System Plan when it’s an integral part of the Anacortes Comprehensive Plan?
  2. On December 7, 2001, why did the City voluntarily relinquish 9.7 million gallons per day (mgd) of its water rights?
  3. The Anacortes Water System Plan specifies 3.4 mgd for future industrial use, but Tethys will require an additional 5.5 mgd.  Why wasn’t the additional need for 2.1 mgd accounted for? 
  4. Was the 2.1 mgd unaccounted because the 5.5 mgd exceeds the Skagit Coordinated Water Plan’s allocation by 2.4 mgd, a serious violation of Anacortes comprehensive planning policies?


  1. In the pipeline easement contract with the Swinomish, the Swinomish 2.8 mgd perpetual water allocation was increased by 200,000 gallons per day. Why didn’t the City ask the Skagit River Flow Management Committee to sign onto the increase as required by the agreements of the 1996 Memorandum of Agreement?
  2. Why weren’t the citizens of Anacortes allowed to publicly comment on the loss of 200,000 gallons per day of their future water supply?


  1. Why did the City oppose the County’s request to add a committee member to represent our rural landowners and a committee member to represent our farmers?
  2. How much money has the City spent on multiple water rights litigations, and how much of that money came out of taxpayers’ pockets?
  3. Why is the City pilfering the additional 2.4 mgd industrial water required for Tethys from Skagit PUD’s meager 5 mgd allocation of industrial water?


  1. Why did the article entitled “City, County, State and Tribal governments mark 30 years of cooperative water planning” factually misrepresent the contentious water right litigations over the last decade and still underway?
  2. Since climate change will significantly increase the duration of low flows in the Skagit River, further endangering our salmon, why did the article entitled, “Climate change and the river” make deceptive statements such as “annual flows in the river will remain about the same” and “climate change will bring less snow, the same amount of rain, and same average annual flow in the Skagit River?”
  3. Why did the article, “How much Skagit River water does City use?” use a deceptive apples-to-oranges comparison between Anacortes water rights and Skagit River average flows.
  4. Why has the City initiated a statewide campaign to disseminate this deceptive information?


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