Anacortes Oil Train Forum: Anacortes City Hall, Wednesday, May 6, 6pm

by Tom Glade Saturday, May 2, 2015 6:59 AM

Ever since oil trains began rolling through the communities of Skagit County and Washington State over two years ago, many of you have raised the red flag.

Anacortes City Councilmembers Ryan Walter and Liz Lovelett* are hosting a public forum on oil transportation in Skagit County this coming Wednesday, May 6th. The forum will have representatives from Shell Oil, Tesoro Oil, BNSF, Skagit County, and Congressman Rick Larsen as panelists.

We are concerned that the panel will provide

*  False assurances that the decades old rail tracks and bridges are safe.

*  False assurances that the emergency response teams are adequately trained and equipped.

*  False assurances that the dangerous, unsafe DOT 111 rail cars are not being used.

This is an issue that impacts all of us. Why aren’t other interested parties invited to present? Come This Wednesday to speak up.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 6 from 6-8 pm

WHERE: Anacortes City Council Chambers, City Hall, 904 6th Street in Anacortes

WHAT: Community Meeting on Oil Transportation.

We hope you can attend this community meeting.

The community needs to hold our local elected officials and the industries that operate in our community accountable to safety, environmental protection, and our well-being.

* Please note, both council members are members of Safe Energy Leadership Alliance, are strong environmental and community advocates, have passed an oil transportation resolution, and recently advocated for the Governor’s request legislation on this issue.

Please Stand Up to Oil by attending this forum.


Rein Attemann

Washington Environmental Council


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